Introducing a HEAVY-DUTY, FULLY HYDRAULIC snowplow designed specifically for the homeowner and small-business owner

The YUKON snowplow was designed for both SUV’s and pickup trucks. Unlike expensive, heavy, and hard-to-install traditional snowplows, the YUKON snowplow is affordable, lightweight, and ships fully assembled.

Fully Hydraulic:

The YUKON snowplow features a hydraulic lifting and angling system with a wired remote control. Enjoy plowing from the warmth and comfort of your vehicle.

Blade Height 26 inches
Blade Length 7’4″ (88 inches)
Plow Weight approx. 350 lbs (depends on mount)
Construction Steel tube and sheet
Snow Deflector Included
Warranty One year

Easy on-off, easy to store:

The YUKON snowplow ships with a wheeled mounting/storage cart which allows for easy installs. Simply roll the plow up to the vehicle mount and attach. Custom, bolt-on vehicle mounts sold separately.

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